Why Does Giving Money Away Create More?

As we walk down the road of life it is scattered with signposts showing us the direction to travel. "Go this way for wealth". "Go that way for success". "Go left for happiness". The only thing is that the sign posts point in the direction others have traveled. They have left their marks in the sands of time eager to show us an easier way.

What we never realize is that further down the road of life they had doubled back and changed direction but they never returned to change the signs they left. The signs are scattered everywhere in books - movies - buildings - autobiographies and Understanding and Choosing Business Web Hosting Services so on.

What if we could find a different trail - one that did not lead us around How To Cancel/clear Pending Updates? in circles before finally guiding us where we wanted to be all along but instead lead us on a more certain path? Would that feel exciting? You would probably find though, that this trail is not well marked. It's normally the one that looks unusual and seems like it is the wrong path to take. It may be overgrown and a little rough underfoot at the beginning, and the local people will probably advice you not to take it if you asked.

We would only take this path - the one less traveled - because of an instinctive feeling that it is the right path for us right now. Despite all the logic showing us that the path is not the right one, our instinct and our hearts tell us otherwise.

Giving money away to create more money or simply to feel good is a path less traveled. To the uninitiated it holds no logic. It does however hold magic if you look more closely. You can only take this path though, by following a deeper instinct - one that most ignore, especially early on their journey - they often come back to it later though! Just look at two of the richest people in the world - Bill Gates and Warren Buffet - who decide to give away a large part of their wealth recently.

So why does giving money away create more money? First of all we don't need to know why - we can just trust that it does - try it out and see if it works for us. If you are inquisitive though, asking why is a great question!

Because giving money away to create more is an unusual path to take, then Bsod Ntkrnlmp.exe the answer to 'why' may at first also seem a Auto Updates Over A Dialup Connection little unusual Surefire Reasons California SEO and Search Engine Optimization is Still Happening! at first exposure. To get the answer though we have to 'lift the bonnet' on life and look at the engine that drives the creation process.

There is a law at work - a universal one - that drives the process of creation. This law has been known about since eternity, but has gained popularity recently with books like 'The Secret'. The law of attraction simply states, 'that which is similar to itself attracts unto itself'. In layperson's terms - like attracts like. The law works on a vibrational level. It works in an unseen world (well until you choose to start seeing it!).

Hold on now. I am going to take two big jumps in thinking. One - we are vibrational beings. Two - we live in a vibrational world. The law of attraction states that two objects, 'energies', cannot exist in close proximity to each other unless they are of a similar vibration. You can see this in action all over our world. People of like minds live together in the same part of a city - they gather in the same cafe's - they watch the same films - read the same books - listen to the same speakers - send their children to the same schools. Why? Simple - they want to create a similar experience in their lives. This is the law of attraction living itself out in stark-day-time-reality.

Now if we go back to creating money by giving it away, we will see the law of attraction at work here as well - it's just a little hidden because a leap of faith is needed to be able to experience it.

We need to return for a moment to the two statements - we are vibrational beings living in a vibrational world (universe). If we add to this picture by saying that our thoughts create a vibrational effect on our lives. It would then become less of a mental jump to understand that, if we feel we cannot give money away, and more so when we may not have a lot ourselves - we are creating a 'blocking' vibration to financial abundance. In other words we are not allowing what we want to flow into our lives because of our feelings and thoughts about what we want. On one level we are saying, 'we want more', while on another we are saying, 'there is a limit - I need to hold onto what I have'.

When we decide to give money away, it does two very powerful things. Firstly it makes us feel good about ourselves, we feel joy. Secondly, it sets up a vibrational wave that emanates from us that says that we believe there is an abundance of money and that just Two Windows Updates Repeatedly Installing! as we have created once, we can create again and again - each time easier and easier. These two energies Customized it Solutions - Let Your Business Break Records combined, instantly transform our vibrational attraction point.

So giving money away puts you into two very powerful states of vibration - abundance and joy.

If the inner critic is starting to jump up and down inside of you right now demanding that you stop listening to this 'vibrational hodge-podge', then you may want to ask yourself - is your life right now how you want it to be? Does your life reflect right now your desires? Has what you have been doing in your life brought you the satisfaction and joy you want? If you can answer all these questions with a strong 'yes' then throw this in the bin (better still give it to a friend!). Otherwise, which is what I suspect, if your answer is 'no', then maybe there is a road less travelled that you may want to consider taking.

If this is the first time you have come across these concepts, you may think they are a little weird, and they are if you have only been used to thinking in pure physical terms before. This is why most follow the 'highway path' - it is clear and distinct - yet it often leads into a desert called depression and isolation because it is not easy to find the heart on this path because it is too busy and confusing and full of contradictions.

The law of attraction states that - like attracts unto like. So instantly more of what you want is attracted magically into your life based on the vibrational state you hold and the vibrational focus of your thoughts. You may ask why your thoughts do not manifest instantly and there is an obvious time delay. If you are able to put that question on hold for another time because it is a subject in its self and simply trust from here that there is perfection at work. So you may be able to see, or at least start to see now, why this path is the one less traveled.

If what you are reading touches an intuitive note inside of you, then it may well be worth investigating further. The easiest way to test this is to Windows Not Activated After System Restore? start giving!

Tything is the ancient concept of giving away 1/10th of your income. However, you can choose the amount to give - it is not really about the amount - it about the feeling. 1/10th just happens to be beyond most people's comfort zone if they are struggling to make ends meet. To give away that amount 5 Star World Cruises Are Fun! is often a stretch at first until you get used to it. But remember, the more you choose to give - the 'wider' you are opening the 'side-door' to a new world of abundance and joy. It is a 'side-door' because it's a short cut if you take it early on in your life. Some people say - 'I give away my time instead of money'. My answer is this - if you want to attract more time then give away your time. Instead if you want to attract financial abundance - give away money. And of course you can give your time as well!

There are so many ways you can give so it does not take too much imagination to find a way that suits you. Two highly original and highly impactful ways of giving utilizing the power of the Internet have recently emerged that you may want to check out. One is www.kiva.org the other Buy1GIVE1Free (www.B1G1.com).

Kiva.org allows you to support entrepreneurs around the world (for what is often a very small amount of money - you can contribute for as little as $25), with starting their business. You are actually providing a loan that gets repaid interest free to you. You can choose to recycle the money again and again adding to it each time. Your money keeps on serving others for as long as you have the energy to use Kiva.

Buy1GIVE1Free (B1G1 as it's becoming known) on the other hand is mainly focused on business giving. They do have something called 'B1G1 Personal' that allows individuals to creatively give to worthy causes by balancing what they receive across five key categories of - health, education, food, shelter and the environment - with what they use or receive. You can contribute for as little as $5. So for example you can plant a tree, educate a child for a month, feed a child for a month etc. So for each month of your life that you receive you can give. You can do the same for other members of your family. The worthy causes partnered with Buy1GIVE1Free receive 100% of the funds to fulfil the action - i.e. plant trees, feed children etc.

The business part Watch Jersey S[censored] Season 4 Episode 11 Latest Video of Buy1GIVE1Free is highly creative and innovative because it recognizes that many businesses often don't choose to start give because their investors do not see that they are getting a return on their investment. To allow businesses to 'experience the simple joy of giving', Buy1GIVE1Free provides businesses with key marketing services that allow them to transfer the giving to their customers thereby adding to customer 'feel-good' and loyalty while giving their customers an amazing story to tell about the business. It is a truly innovative form of modern marketing.

Whatever you decide to do - do it today. Walk out onto the street right now - take $10 out of your wallet and give it to someone - anyone - not just someone you feel needs it! The magic only starts when you do. And then after that set up automatic methods to contribute to others from your income. Just try it and see how you feel. Observe yourself and your feelings. You will be amazed what thoughts and feelings come up that have been hidden. If the thoughts and feelings are of lack and limitation simply observe them - do not judge them or yourself. Just keep giving and telling yourself what you want and stop focusing on what you do not want. And remember - it's not about giving to receive. It's simply about giving for giving's sake. It all about changing your vibrational 0302bloglinks focus point from limitation to abundance. This may take a little time - just enjoy the journey. Keep giving and keep on observing how the more you give, the more you let go of your old ways of thinking and being, and take on a new vibrant suit of vibration that is in resonance with the new you that you want. Enjoy!

David Anttony is an internationally acclaimed writer and speaker on empowering the life you want to create without trying. For courses and other materials sign up at www.DavidAnttony.com. David is also a co-Founder of Buy1GIVE1Free. To find out more on how your business can contribute to charity while supporting the growth of your company visit www.B1G1.com today. To reprint for free retain this footer.
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