Birth Orders Of Gingrich Paul Romney And Santorum The Republican Candidates For President

The race is on for the nomination of a Republican to challenge our incumbent President Barack Obama. In previous blogs I have reviewed his birth order. He has a One/Only double birth order as 6 years separate him from his younger stepsister. For much of his teenage years he lived with his grandparents as an Only child in Hawaii. As you read this blog keep in mind that if one of these candidates wants to win they will need to debate our current President who has a One/Only birth order.

There are eight candidates that have risen and fallen in the polls as they have been vetted by both the media and their opponents. We have had a few glimpses into their personal lives but these have been just a snapshot of who they are. With birth order we can get their life’s fingerprint.

Can Birth Order be a Predictor of Elections?

To answer this question we need to take a look at past Presidential elections. I have found that since the election of Ronald Reagan the candidate with the higher birth order has always won the election. When Ronald Reagan, a second born with an older brother defeated Jimmy Carter a firstborn, the Country was experiencing record inflation and high unemployment and Ronald Reagan was a very charismatic challenger.

Birth Order Analysis

To those of you that have my book Life’s Fingerprint: How Birth Order Affects Your Path Throughout Life, you can find all the characteristics of the birth orders explained in detail. For those who are unfamiliar with this book you need to understand that the gender of the siblings is one of the defining aspects as to how each person develops birth order characteristics. In my analysis I will give you the gender of each candidate’s next closest sibling. Next I will give a few of the personality characteristics of their birth order and then show examples in their life where they have expressed these traits and how it may affect their ability to get elected.

Looking at the Candidates

In order to be completely fair I am going to approach each candidate in alphabetical order. A discussion of their birth order and the characteristics that they will show to the public and those that Error 0xc19a0023 they will try to keep hidden and a few more items of interest. I will also assess both their chance to be nominated and their chance of winning the Presidency.

Newt Gingrich #1/0

Newt is our first double birth order on our list. Newt was born to a teenage mother whose husband divorced her three days after Newt was born. She remarried the following year Newt. This is how he gets the One/Only double birth order. People with this combination can reach people in two generations giving them both the adult view of the Only child and a more contemporary view of the younger generation. They don’t take criticism as personally as the firstborn. Newt would be a match for the debate with our current President as they both share the same birth order. They have a calm approach and rarely get ruffled . We have seen this time and again as Newt has been challenged with changing his position on a number of issues. Former Speaker of the Some Useful Tips on Planning and Conducting a Business Meeting House of Representatives he has been an insider in Washington for years and this means he has a record. Smooth talking and excellent debating skills may not Tips For Selling Insurance be able to gloss over his past history. Because he has one of the higher birth orders of this group and one that matches Barack Obama, his chances for the nomination are high and he could actually win the Presidency.

Ron Ernest Paul #3

Ron Paul is the third of five boys all born within 7 years. The story of his life shows he moved up in birth order to the number two position. Moving brother David number two into the three position. David is now employed as the assistant pastor at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids Michigan. Ron always had a job while he was growing up from inspecting milk bottles, a paper route, and working in a local drug store. Earning money gives the second born a level of independence that is so important to the control of their own space. A track star in high school he was also on the wrestling and swimming teams. After college he entered the military and ended his service as an obstetrician. During the course of his practice he delivered over 4,000 babies. He is a constitutionalist and has never wavered from his convictions. His brothers describe him growing up as a very stubborn young boy, another characteristic of a second born. Although he mayhave moved up in birth order he still carries a few characteristics of the third born. He sees life with a very altruistic view, the big picture, and that is why he is so different from the other candidates. He also appears to have a very stern appearance but that is just the shield that the third born puts up to protect himself. Having no girls in his family gives him a blind spot to the subtleties of the female gender. He will have difficulty getting their vote and have them see his side of the issues. As a functioning number two he is not going to compromise his position but hopes others will see the “light”. I score him low on getting the nomination and although knowledgeable on the issues he would have difficulty in a debate with the President.

Mitt Romney 4/0

Mitt Romney is the fourth child in his family. He was born after his mother was told she could no longer carry a baby, the risks were too high. This explained the shock when the news came that Willard Mitt Romney was born. He was named Willard after a family friend that established the Marriott chain of hotels and a cousin Mitt who was the star quarterback for the Chicago Bears. He has two older sisters and one older brother all spaced three years mntforumlink apart. Mitt was born Error 0x80070308 6 years after the third child G. Scott Romney. This gives Mitt the double birth order of a four/only. He is very different from all his older siblings that have single ordinal birth orders. With six years between siblings Mitt is 60% an Only child and 40% a fourth born. These two birth orders are the farthest apart so he will show very different behavior when the different birth orders come into play. The Only side gives him a very controlled adult like approach where he feels in charge and has a lot of confidence. The four birth order is the baby in the family and the traits are very different. When you combine these two birth orders you get a 0x83c00009 child not afraid to talk to older adults and who appears very confident. In reality, the baby 0x85100084 has people taking care of him and does not want to make the big decisions. The baby likes to have fun and play. If not an athlete he would love to follow sports. This was true for Mitt, in high school he was the manager of the ice hockey team but in his final year he ran track. Not a great student but had strong social skills. As a child he enjoyed playing pranks on others. These two contrasting birth orders may be the reason why he is accused of changing positions on issues. This type of person is hard to pin down as he has a tendency to yield to the pressure and please others. He is not the idealistic type so appears more moderate. Former Governor of Massachusetts he made his fortune in the consulting business helping turn around companies. He describes himself as a numbers cruncher. He is well connected in the party as his father served in the Nixon White House. He may not be a charismatic candidate but may have too big an organizational lead for anyone to catch him. As part of the “old guard” he has a good chance to be nominated by his party. In a debate with our current President he would succeed if he uses the Only side of his double birth order.

Rick Santorum #2

Rick Santorum is the second of three children in his family, one year younger than his sister Barbara. Here is another example of an elevated second born to the firstborn position just by virtue of his gender. This elevation gives him the need to lead and becoming a Senator from Error 0xc00012f Pennsylvania gave him that outlet. If someone is a second born they never lose the basic characteristics, they just get modified. Rick is a firm believer in his own convictions and doesn’t change them easily. Growing up his parents worked for the Veterans Administration and the family was transferred several times before settling in Pennsylvania. Transferring from school to school and living at a Veterans Hospital could be an unsettling experience for a child. Making new friends and fitting in would be something this number two would have to excel. He is known for his very conservative stands on the issues. So far he has not caught fire on the campaign trail. Could it be this number two, projecting as a number one, just doesn't come across to the public in a way that they trust his him? He seems a long shot for the nomination as well as the Presidency.

A Charismatic Leader is What America Needs

The US economy with its 9% unemployment and massive 15 trillion dollar debt is in need of a charismatic leader. I can recall three Presidents that displayed this characteristic, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. They united the American people behind a common cause. They had something else in common, they were all second borns. Will one of these eight contenders emerge to carry the banner? If so, look to the candidates with the number two birth order. They present the idealism and strength not to compromise their principles. We cannot ignore the birth order of the candidates to select the winner. Newt Gingrich has the highest birth order as a One/Only with Mitt Romney the next highest as a Four/Only. This will be a battle to the very end with these two and whoever meets Barack Obama will know that they have met their match!

Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst, an orthodontist for over 35 years. Educated at Indiana University and Harvard. He has developed a unique understanding of birth order by finding "double birth orders". You can find out more information at or
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